Total Travel Experience

introduces Greek culture in an extrovert manner on two distinguished levels: to showcase the country's priceless cultural heritage and to familiarize the international public with aspects of the Greek society of today.

A ophisticated and interactive online platform which aims at awarding substance to exceptional virtual tours at DESTINATIONS or experiential TOURS designed by our experts exploring the identity of long standing cultures of Greece and Mediterranean Sea. Total Travel Experience attempts to record points of global interest or offer access to them by familiarizing the world with the achievements of civilizations that constituted the

cradle of the evolution and the values of the modern world as we know it. By utilizing the abilities of contemporary digital technologies and the new media along with their applications, the platform invites users either to create a tailor made trip on their own fitting their personal needs and preferences (DESTINATIONS) or dive in “hand-picked” activities carefully selected by our specialised staff (TOURS).

It extends an invitation to potential travellers who are on a quest for substantial contact with culture or travellers who seek to go beyond mainstream travelling options.