How do you define the environment?

Forests, trees, even the Amazon, they’re all legitimate answers. However, the environment is a lot more; it’s your city, your neighborhood, your place. The environment is you, and you deserve the best. Thanks to scientific innovations, we are now able to count on eco-friendly building materials to increase the efficiency of energy used and to minimize impact on the envirnonment, which leads to human well -being.

Give yourself
a break

Guilt is a strong motive, but so is belief. Belief, that there are people like you outside, people who thirst for knowledge and information that would optimize their living. People who look for solutions, not for excuses. Join us to catch up with each other, to share our stories. Cause when you believe in people, change is a matter of time.

Get some

Big resolutions almost never work! What does work, is taking one step at a time. Together, we can figure out the steps that will bring us closer to:Creating without destroying Designing a bright future for the next generations Not only finding solutions, but actually applying them Investing in those who learn, and those who wish to learn Connecting to our own towns Sharing and spreading the knowledge

Give a chance to change and join us!


Feel your city

Our cities, who patiently host our lives, evolve through time along with us. They do a hell of a job representing the background of our daily adventures and giving some context to our strongest moments. For that and for countless other reasons, cities deserve our respect. It is our responsibility to pay some attention, let our neighborhoods breath and listen to their stories. Join the effort to see our cities with new eyes and improve our living! All it costs is an open heart and an open mind!

Green it up

Since the last few years, professionals in different fields, including architects, engineers and investors, have adopted a greener work approach, and we are all thankful for that. The energy efficient methods and the ecological materials they use, consist a doubtless contribution to the environment and to our lives! Their effort to make this innovation an affordable choice, guarantees a green way of urban living for us, and a timeless imprint for our cities!

Take the step

Hoping that Nature is quite forgiving, we’re taking a big step by investing in eco-planning structures: energy efficient engineering and alternative materials that literally let cities breath, keep our buildings “clean” and treat the environment the way it should be treated. We are able to get a whole new perspective and realize that protecting nature is no different than protecting ourselves. After all, when you help the environment, the environment will help you back!

Change tour life

Changing our lives is not as accurate a word as optimizing them. Eco planning initiatives promise to upgrade our cities, our days, our psychology. Breath-Inn attempts to encourage such initiatives so that we benefit in multiple levels: attract investors, tourists, and move towards a healthy economy that only produces opportunities!

of your area.

Imagine a community that cares about the environment, about cities and the people living in them. This community exists, and it’s about sharing information, promoting an eco-friendly way to enjoy and preserve our beloved towns. An interactive forum that equally gratifies both professional and informational needs. You might be into hotel business, you might be an architect, an engineer or you might just want your home town to rebirth; No matter your motives, the only thing you need to do is to take a deep... Breath-inn.

Plain member

Is green architecture, sustainable urban planning or reshaping areas, parts of your secret passions list?

In any case, you’re a potential Breath-Inner, and you’re welcome! Show here your interest to join the community and get informed about actions, new technologies and business projects that went green! All you have to do, is stay tuned!


Professional member

Are you a professional in the construction field, thinking about making your business compatible with the ecological needs? Have you already run a number of “green” projects? We are here to support your choices, to help you reform or even to start up your whole new, eco-based business!

Join the Breath Inn group and our effort to build a community that connects the professionals with the investors in the most creative way! Future is green, and it’s in our hands!


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